Content Marketing for Small Business

A small business has big dreams but a small budget. There are many companies in the same fix. To stand out and achieve your dreams, you need to be the smartest and thing differently.  In this, you may face a challenge that can make or break your overall business objectives.

To Promote your Small Business you should try to discover the power of social media as a part of your marketing tactic. But social media isn’t very effective on its own. You should have a consistent amount of relevant, unique, interesting and useful content to share on your social media profiles. Whatever you look for, topics for social media post, inspiration or ideas to use to make your blog posts draw customers in, it’s very essential to reevaluate the way you reach your customers. Social media marketing costs more time than financial investment to be unique and has the potential to reach a large number of people. It is the perfect marketing activity for the budget-conscious small business owner.

To add to our Social Media more successfully you need to have a Strong and Unique Content Marketing Strategy.
This will help you establish and maintain a successful brand identity that your audience can connect with. Moreover, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. With your consistency, you can generate more website traffic and better exposure to your products and services without making a huge investment.

Hence, Content marketing is one of the most low-cost and effective ways in which you can drive traffic and build awareness for your small business. It may take some time to see the results, but you should not give up.  So stick with your content marketing strategy and work more to refine it. It will definitely lead your small business to great success.



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Courses designed to benefit every individual

Currently, the biggest challenge in the software industry is to keep pace with the rapidly changing technologies. In fact, everyone, whether he is a student or a professional, it is essential for a constant up gradation of technology.

Keeping this in mind, we have designed courses for software professionals who wish to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest technology.

To emphasize, if you’re someone who has an interest in computers, you can choose from our various courses. We offer Web designing and developing to Mobile App Development and also Digital Marketing to promote the brand’s online presence.

Web Designing, Web Development, Mobile App Development or Digital Marketing courses are short-term professional job oriented courses. Besides, there are huge opportunities available for the students who wish to work in these fields. Furthermore, many private and public organizations are hiring developers regularly to work with them. With the rapid advent of the online industry, the demand of web professionals are increasing and this has created huge job opportunities for the aspirants. Also, an experienced person can work as a freelancer; there are many online companies which provide online projects to these individuals.

People use Google to search for everything these days. Any question that arises in our mind, comes with the answer ‘Google it!’ Almost 90 % of all people using internet read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Even if someone is lost in a new place and looking for some refreshment or accommodation, any kind of service or shops within walking distance, the options for those are pinned in Google Map.

Google is the first place where a potential customer can contact your business. There are many sites online and many more cropping up constantly, with reviews. It becomes quite hard to manage and stand out from the crowd. So it has become all the more important to build a consistently strong online presence. Google Reviews are what help customers to choose your business over another.

To set up your business for Google Reviews

First, you require a Google Local listing, to verify and take control of your business profile on Google. It is very simple, open the Google My Business page and register your business address. While registering your business, you will have to complete a profile that allows you to associate your business with several keywords and set the geographical boundaries that you serve. Google sends you a confirmation PIN number for verification via a postcard to your business address. The whole process takes about two weeks time. Once you enter the received PIN number, your profile is verified, and you will be able to get reviews. You can also verify your business by your phone: you receive a code sent by an automated message or phone call to your registered number, and you enter the received code on Google My Business to complete the verification. You can also get your business instantly verified if you have a verified business website with Google Search Console.

After you verify your business listing, you have the opportunity to expand the reach of your brand and share a more detailed business description and information about your services and offers with Google and also to your prospective target audience. After verifying your account allows you can add personal business photos and videos to your profile. Display your business hour and location. Above all create and receive business reviews. So that everything a user needs to know before making a decision about your business, can be seen before they even reach your website.

You should get customers to leave reviews for your business. This should be done in a very natural way. Share your Google page on all other social media networks you have. Ask your customers to leave a review based on a past experience they have had, or appoint a social media manager to get a review from customers, if they were happy with the service they received.  Never leave any of your customer’s review without a response. Reviews are a great way to improve the presence of your brand. Forward your customers a thank you, card or mail with options to review your business.

With social advertisements, it is easier for businesses to spread their message and connect with their target audience. But if you really want to stand out and keep on pursuing new frontiers that can give you the competitive edge, there is one area of digital marketing that is undergoing rapid growth. Though seldom heard about, it is the mobile advertising. It encompasses all advertising activities that target smartphone and tablet users with advertisements on mobile websites, apps, games, and app stores. Promotional content delivered through SMS and app messages also qualifies as a form of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing is popular and trendy

Customers generally keep their handsets with them which enables an individual to receive the information at the very moment it has been forwarded. Thus, mobile marketing strategies are very prompt.

Huge range of audience

India’s smartphone market is growing rapidly. The number of people using the mobile internet has surpassed the ones using a desktop. People owning smartphones have also increased across all sections of society – educated and uneducated as well. This change has increased the reach of mobile marketing. People having access to mobile ads have also increased. Thus mobile advertising has a wider reach compared to other devices.


Mobile phones are carried on the person making it a more efficient medium to transmit messages, unlike laptops and desktops. Advertisements have more visibility as there is no concern about time and location. These ads can also be particularly focused on nearby customers with the help of their smartphones.

Immediate impact as any information shared goes easily viral

Mobile marketing and advertising goes viral and connect with much more prospective customers more quickly. Social media outlets on our handsets make it very simple for mobile information to communicate with the customers. Mobile phones are the handiest gadget that everyone carries all the time with them. Almost 90% of the text messages, that are sent to handsets are read within 5 minutes. Branded text messages also have nearly 95% open rate.

Mobile sites rank higher

Google is trying to push more on websites that are mobile friendly, as mobile searches have consistently risen since 2009 and finally surpassed desktop searches in 2018. In Google, speed has always been a factor of ranking.  Previously it was based on the desktop version of the sites, but now it looks at mobile site load speed as well. On March 26th, 2018, Google officially announced that they would be using mobile first indexing. Businesses with slow mobile sites face a decrease in mobile organic rankings.

Search for your target market

To start promoting your brand in Social Media it is very important to identify your target audience. Everyone might not be interested in your piece of information so the message should be concise and relevant to the targeted audience. Your target audience may include a specific group of demographics, location, behaviors, and interests. So now a day’s every Social media site has a search engine, which enables one to find the conversations in their related field.

Choose the right social media platform

Firstly you need to identify THE MOST POPULAR SOCIAL NETWORKS AND ITS MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS (MAU) and where the people that you want to see your brand are. How you can improve your brand awareness through these specific social media channels. Try to focus on the channel that works for your brand and business. There are already many social media platforms and many are coming up. It is necessary that you identify the right social media channels where you can find most of your target users.

Use content that is relevant and yields value

To improve your brand reach and awareness you need to improve your business pages and conduct profitable paid advertising campaigns. For this, it is important that you define your tone of voice and considering what is beneficial for the page and your audience. Analyze the posts that you have shared so far to draw a conclusion on the acceptance of your posts on different platforms. For that, you must also take into consideration your follower’s opinions, comments, and criticisms. Find out the tone that suits your brand and work on it to enhance your reach in social media.

Make contents that get noticed

The main aim of social media marketing is to get your content noticed in the super fast world of Social Media.  To get the attention of your target audience you need to be outstanding. Attaching a visual content can be beneficial to your updates regardless of the platform. If you analyze the posts that are shared on social media and find out which post made you stop and take notice. It must be an image or video attached post that caught your eye. If you attach an image or post a video with every blog, post or article, its reach organically increases. However, it is necessary that the image is relevant to your brand and connects to the reader.

Be appealing and consistent

Most businesses own a social media channel to promote them. Thousands of business and start-ups create a social profile every day. It comes as a challenge to stand out in this competition and create a consistent presence for years ahead. To make people stand with your brand create posts that connect your brand with related people. It’s also essential to be consistent with all that you do on social media to define your brand identity across all channels. Provide your audiences with valuable content that keeps them up-to-date on your related field.

Share social proof

As humans, we always look for social proof to justify our actions. Social proof in marketing uses social signals like positive reviews, testimonials and brands popularity to boost your credibility towards your readers or potential customers. If the wisdom of your team in action is used properly this will add credits to your social profile and enhance your trustworthiness. These days’ 80 % of people using the internet refer to reviews and feedback before getting to any conclusion.

Lastly, be experimental

Everyone is focused on enhancing themselves. The single thing that is constant on social media is change. Compare the standards of social media of today with years back; you will see the type of contents that connects with users, always keeps on changing. So keep trying for smart variations to see where your engagement and conversion numbers. Experimentation can sound a bit intimidating, but doing it with the right tools, and having adopted the right mindset, anyone can manage a victorious social media testing program. To keep growing, constantly alter your content delivery and be in touch with the people who value your brand.