For combating the situation of increasing cyber attack globally, a $35 billion revenue prospect is been planned up which will further provide employment opportunity to a million professionals by the year 2025 in India, the industry body Nasscom reported recently.

“We estimate that cybersecurity is about $2.5-3 billion or about 2 per cent of the close to USD 150 billion Indian IT sector. With the sector on track to reach $350 billion by 2025, we estimate 10 per cent of this to be cybersecurity,” a high official of Nasscom Cyber Security Force informed.

“Another important aspect will be start ups. We expect to see about 1,000 start ups coming up in this area. This is because these smaller companies are light footed and yet have the best of technologies. Also, there has been a lot of investor interest in this area as enterprises look to stay secured against rising incidents of cyber attacks,” added the source.

Last year, Nasscom had set up the Cyber security task force, aimed at positioning India as a global hub for providing cyber security solutions, developing cyber security R&D plan and developing a skilled workforce of cyber security experts.

It had estimated the IT security market to be about $77 billion in 2015 and growing at over 8 per cent annually. It had estimated demand for security workforce to rise globally to six million by 2019, up from 4 million in 2015, with projected shortfall of 1.5 million.

Nasscom, along with Data Security Council of India (DSCI) and security software firm Symantec, recently in this regard launched the ‘National Occupational Standards’ for 10 cyber security job roles, aimed at creating a pool of certified cyber security professionals in the country.


As a grave fact worldwide, nation as well as the corporate sector are facing huge loss of $100 Billion annually due to cyber crime, of which social media is the hacker’s favorite target.

A user might be subjected to hacker’s attack only when the device is connected to the internet. These days most of the accounts, games and other activities need internet access, which leads to cyber attacks more frequently.

Instead of lamenting being a victim, why not try these simple things to be safe from the cyber crimes.

  1. Use PINs and passwords that contain special characters, numbers and words and do not share with anyone. There are applications available that can store usernames and passwords offline and acts as a vault; you can give password to that vault which helps user to remember one password instead of many passwords.
  1. Social media accounts; like Facebook and Gmail offer security questions which secures your account in case of any suspicious behavior is found during login. Security questions are personal questions, for instance, what is the name of your first school teacher?- asked as a security question. If you have not met with one, then go to the settings page of your account and get it activated.
  1. Login’ and ‘Logout’ are the two important steps while running an account. It is always said that “Close the doors behind you”. Logout completely from any device with which you are accessing your account. If internet connection is lost make sure you clear all the cache memory, history and passwords from the browser by going to the history option.
  1. Today, Wi-Fi or the wireless connections are widely used. Café, railway station, restaurant provide free wireless connection which is open to public and so are the cyber thefts. You may not realize that the one sitting next to your table will be one of them. Plenty of software are available on the internet which can be used to break through any device connected to the same wireless connection. Further, there are software which defend your wireless connection from such attacks.
  1. We are the proprietor of our own device and chances of cyber attacks can be reduced by using personal devices as those devices does not fall in the hands of stranger. Check your account settings to enable login notifications. There are  some social media accounts that offer such services one of which is Gmail where users gets notification if their account is logged-in from other device.

Follow these very simple but effective guidelines to keep the hackers away from your zone.