website for musiciand and music bands

In 2019, having a website for Musicians and Music Bands in a city like Guwahati has become more important than ever. A website can save you from the large printing budget required for your bands’ promotions. It can give you better visibility and greater reach most of the time than any no. of Billboards or Banners. You can also let your fans interact with each other and stay updated about your next concert or next album release. It’s vital for bands to have a connection with fans and a website is a perfect gateway to achieve it.

However, the important question that crops up is, in the age of social media, why do you need a website? The answer, however,  is simple. With so many professional bands that already have their own website, fans simply expect you to have a website. In fact, a website is critical to brand you as serious in your profession and also to give you a certain level of credibility in the music industry.

Moreover, an attractive website can have a great first impression for record labels and production houses. Having a good website with all the details can also attract more sponsors for your concerts and bring in some commercial advantages too. Today, the music industry has fierce competition and having a website with proper SEO integration can give you a better competitive edge over others. Every brand and business requires proper marketing, and the same goes for Music Bands and Musicians.

How can you use your Website to Generate Income?

A website, with its many features, along with growing your fanbase can also become a great way to earn resources. Through your own website, you can keep the profits by selling your EP or album directly without a secondary seller. You can also stock up on an online store with band merchandise like t-shirts, signed posters, etc. There are plenty of bands who also engage in affiliate marketing through their websites to generate income successfully.

The inescapable truth about music careers is you need money to make it happen. Specially for the novice Musicians, it’s even more important. But the only option doesn’t always have to pleading. Your fans might want to support you and be a source of financial support.  For them, a tip jar page on your website is a great idea to begin with. It could be worth so much value to your online yearly income.

Another importance of owning a website is that you can control the design and the content you want to share with your audience. There are no restrictions and it can always be customized according to the changing demands. There are no ads to distract your fans unlike social networking sites, and there aren’t dozens of other links vying for attention.

These few reasons are significant enough to not be ignored and to be carefully considered. While it’s important to have a website, it is also equally important to make it professional. It should have an appealing web design to generate new fans and keep the existing ones engaged.

Build a stunning website for your music band and promote your music. Grow your fanbase with built-in marketing tools. Make your mark as a successful rock-band by developing a mobile responsive website.

Salon Website in Guwahati

In a city like Guwahati, where every next person is seen to be with a handset with mobile data enabled. Here almost 30 % of the population refers to google and search for coupons before taking a decision. It is important for every salon to build a professional website with SEO to stand out. The online appointment booking, e-commerce, and electronic gift codes are also essential to attract customers. Here are some tips for the ones who are trying to create one!

A beauty salon is an essential place for individuals who are curious about their look. So there is quite a wide prospect for your business to bloom.  Hence you will just have to make people aware of it and advertise your services. A well-developed Digital Marketing plan can help you make your business successful.

Marketing of A Salon Website in Guwahati:

Unlike retail products, it’s quite difficult for salons to run profitably with walk-in business alone. You must make customers know where you are and the reasons to come to you. Getting the word out about your business you must build a website and start a buzz about your services. The important key services to building your salon’s brand are through Building a website, Focussing on Seo and Google Ads, or Social Media Marketing.


Content Marketing for Small Business

A small business has big dreams but a small budget. There are many companies in the same fix. To stand out and achieve your dreams, you need to be the smartest and thing differently.  In this, you may face a challenge that can make or break your overall business objectives.

To Promote your Small Business you should try to discover the power of social media as a part of your marketing tactic. But social media isn’t very effective on its own. You should have a consistent amount of relevant, unique, interesting and useful content to share on your social media profiles. Whatever you look for, topics for social media post, inspiration or ideas to use to make your blog posts draw customers in, it’s very essential to reevaluate the way you reach your customers. Social media marketing costs more time than financial investment to be unique and has the potential to reach a large number of people. It is the perfect marketing activity for the budget-conscious small business owner.

To add to our Social Media more successfully you need to have a Strong and Unique Content Marketing Strategy.
This will help you establish and maintain a successful brand identity that your audience can connect with. Moreover, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. With your consistency, you can generate more website traffic and better exposure to your products and services without making a huge investment.

Hence, Content marketing is one of the most low-cost and effective ways in which you can drive traffic and build awareness for your small business. It may take some time to see the results, but you should not give up.  So stick with your content marketing strategy and work more to refine it. It will definitely lead your small business to great success.



good school website

For a school it is important to make a good first impression. Before anyone physically sets their foot into a school building, the school’s website enables them with an opportunity for a virtual visit. A good school website often is the first contact that people have with the school. Therefore, the school website affects the overall image and reputation of a school. It can gradually increase the value of the school. Having a good school website can also deliver a good user experience for its regular users, including teachers, students and parents.

School is a basic and fundamental institution.  And it is here where almost every person’s life begins to transform, where they start their formal education. Thus schools are acknowledged as the knowledge temple of human civilization. A school’s website is one of its most effective tool. Through a website a school can communicate, engage with parents, market its strengths, and build a solid and trusting reputation within its community. Hence, a website holds the current trend, to which everyone looks upon. It provides a platform to the students and their parents to get a continual track of the performance, attendance, and other curriculum stuff.

There are two primary purposes for any good school website.

The prime one is to provide timely, engaging, and current information to the parents, students, staff, and community. The next is to attract new students and recruit quality staff. So, a schools website must  fulfill both purposes of providing current information to the existing customers and also market to potential customers.

Parents and prospective parents want nothing more than seeing and knowing the life in school. Adding photo galleries, video, flip books, details and description adds to the depth of your content. It draws the users into a greater level of engagement. So your school website software should include these and make it as easy as possible.



It is now more important than ever for every Hotel to have a great looking website. It is ultimately the consumer who drives change in the market so it is important to ensure that customer will enjoy using the website. A customers prime expectation is that booking accommodation needs to be visual, easy, simple and informative. Moreover, it should also work on whatever device they feel like using at the time.

The first impression of your Hotel is very important in any situation. But when it comes to travel, It doesn’t happen when your guests walk in the door and check-in; it starts when they visit your website.

If your website makes it difficult or time-consuming for a customer to book or distracting, they might change their mind and switch to others.

A website is your Hotels face on the Internet. It reflects your hotel’s unique personality and destination as opposed to using the same template. Having your own independent website you get the freedom to add a greater amount of information to show what really sets you apart. You can also add any external links of relevant sites, which can help with your SEO. With your hotel’s official independent brand site, you will be able to fully optimize to rank for many more keywords.