Why Data Science Matters?

Posted in: February 7, 2019 at 5:45 am

By: Farheen Tabassum

Data Science is the cutting-edge technology that is being considered a revolution in the field of Information Technology. Organizations have started to understand the value of Data processing, analysis which has turned the Data Scientists into modern day superheroes. Today, more and more organizations are opening its door to big data, thus increasing the value of Data Scientist.

Do you know who holds the number 1 spot in Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in America list in 2016 and 2017?
The Data Scientist.

Data Science and the Job Scenario?

Data Science is a multi-faceted discipline and not just limited to manipulating and extracting data. It is essential because it makes high-speed computing possible today when incorporated into machine learning and any other statistical process. Therefore, Data Science jobs are most in demand and also five times more difficult to fill up than the others in the market these days. Henceforth, many global IT players are ready to invest premium payment rates for experts with aptitude in this territory.

What are the essential prerequisites?

The most important pre-requisite is not including supervised learning in your agenda, but getting a direct exposure and gaining practical knowledge. Data Science will never be of any potential to you if you cannot apply it to the real world, depending only on a plethora of courses. The most significant pre-requisite must be the penchant and the curiosity to learn this technology. Nevertheless, one thing that you should be aware of is to start building a foundation from the very basics which will help you explore the many methods of boosting, bagging, stacking and other options. Moreover, you will also learn to handle decision trees, often undermined and neglected by regular algorithms.

Furthermore, the course will teach you the power, laws and distributions to give you an idea about the relationship among all of them. These laws and distributions can explain the shortcomings of real-world problems such as the magnitude of earthquakes, or book sales ranking, so on and so forth.

How do statistics matter?

Data sciences demand aspirations. Statistics is the backbone of this course. When you start moulding mathematical equations to form and manipulate data, the technical analysis gives you results which are often not visible or fathomable when you just look at those numbers. Visualization gives you a clear picture, with high-level information. This is a brilliant analysis which gives data that is comprehensive, data-driven, targeted and precise, to draw conclusions in a perfect and flawless way.

Data science is the new and emerging future of the technology world today. There is a little hand of data science in every field of the internet. Using this technology, companies have become intelligent to push & sell products as per customers purchasing power & interest.

Benefits of Learning Data Science Course?

Today,  the data landscape is rapidly changing due to the information and communication technology boom. Data Science is a relatively new field but its presence in the business world cannot be ignored. Using this, companies have become intelligent to push & sell products as per customers purchasing power & interest.

For example, think about the image reorganization on facebook. Upload an image on Facebook, we all are noticed about the tag section and shows their name too. But Facebook doesn’t know the real names of theirs. How it’s possible? It’s the magic of data science.

In India, Data scientist has a higher salary than any jobs in India. They are unique and they know all algorithms of Maths, statistics, and also the programming language of R.

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