Mobile Marketing for business websites.

Posted in: August 9, 2018 at 9:06 am

By: Divya Purkayastha

With social advertisements, it is easier for businesses to spread their message and connect with their target audience. But if you really want to stand out and keep on pursuing new frontiers that can give you the competitive edge, there is one area of digital marketing that is undergoing rapid growth. Though seldom heard about, it is the mobile advertising. It encompasses all advertising activities that target smartphone and tablet users with advertisements on mobile websites, apps, games, and app stores. Promotional content delivered through SMS and app messages also qualifies as a form of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing is popular and trendy

Customers generally keep their handsets with them which enables an individual to receive the information at the very moment it has been forwarded. Thus, mobile marketing strategies are very prompt.

Huge range of audience

India’s smartphone market is growing rapidly. The number of people using the mobile internet has surpassed the ones using a desktop. People owning smartphones have also increased across all sections of society – educated and uneducated as well. This change has increased the reach of mobile marketing. People having access to mobile ads have also increased. Thus mobile advertising has a wider reach compared to other devices.


Mobile phones are carried on the person making it a more efficient medium to transmit messages, unlike laptops and desktops. Advertisements have more visibility as there is no concern about time and location. These ads can also be particularly focused on nearby customers with the help of their smartphones.

Immediate impact as any information shared goes easily viral

Mobile marketing and advertising goes viral and connect with much more prospective customers more quickly. Social media outlets on our handsets make it very simple for mobile information to communicate with the customers. Mobile phones are the handiest gadget that everyone carries all the time with them. Almost 90% of the text messages, that are sent to handsets are read within 5 minutes. Branded text messages also have nearly 95% open rate.

Mobile sites rank higher

Google is trying to push more on websites that are mobile friendly, as mobile searches have consistently risen since 2009 and finally surpassed desktop searches in 2018. In Google, speed has always been a factor of ranking.  Previously it was based on the desktop version of the sites, but now it looks at mobile site load speed as well. On March 26th, 2018, Google officially announced that they would be using mobile first indexing. Businesses with slow mobile sites face a decrease in mobile organic rankings.