Top 5 Modern Web Designing Trends 2019

Posted in: March 29, 2019 at 8:59 am

By: Farheen Tabassum

Web Designing is a growing industry and has become the hottest profession today for it’s various fascinating career options. Having a website, once considered a luxury is now common multimedia and the face of all organizations. There are 1.8 million websites right now on the internet and the number is significantly increasing. A website with good web design is the most important thing for businesses looking for greener pastures. However, rapid changes in the trends of product design, frameworks, tools and technologies have turned web designing into an overwhelming task. It’s important for a Web Designer to keep his finger on the pulse of these trends. Here are some highlights that will define the web designing world in 2019 :

1. Scroll Animations and Video Integration:

To stand out in a competitive Design space, a website should break away from generic templates and shift to bold and innovative ideas. Rotating animations and videos is a new way to attract visitors as it leaves them curious for every time they refresh the home page, there’s a new brand video to surprise them. Rhythmic and multiple transition effects, page rotation, background colour change, disorganized animation are  interesting features to tell stories or sell the products.

2. Interactive and Responsive Designs

A flawless online experience and a competent UI Design has always been a clear way to increase web conversions. Now, there is another trend of interactive web designs to incorporate user interactivity. These engaging features not only displays a visual design talent but also increases the website’s time on page and brand awareness.

3. Colour Branding

A multiple Colour Branding look is another new idea surfacing that is adding more depth to the design world. Web Designs are now branded based on the products and in return they let the users navigate through products or services page based on colour cues.

4. 3D Aesthetics

The world is moving beyond flat designs to more visually appealing 3-dimensional complex looks. Most popular among these include using drop shadows, gradients or monochromatic colour schemes to stand out and be memorable to a viewer.

5. White Space

Visual Clutter is a big turn off, and clean design is a turn on for the viewers these days. Adding extra white space can direct focus on the most important elements on the page. Technically, a white space devoid of graphics or content can add a statement to the site. The days of overcrowded websites are history. Designs which are easier to read and navigate will create better user experience and stronger conversions.

A website and the brand should work in tandem. There are many millions of websites online. The only way to stand out is to create a website that’s unique and different.
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