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How To Woo Mobile Friendly Clients

In our previous writing we have discussed about the essentials of mobile friendly websites and why are they needed. Now, once you have implied and updated everything according to contemporary choice and likes, still there are some points which can lag you behind. If you don’t know how to act differently to different people using different devices you’re again missing the race.  How? Let’s dig into this-

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Mobile users behave differently

We all know that theoretically the same people using desktop and mobile are responsible behind the web traffic, these people tend to behave differently across devices. Despite limited bandwidth, mobile users tend to consume a disproportionately high amount of visual media, with a major focus on short video and images. Capturing this traffic requires an optimized design, harnessing the power of these media types to engage users.

 Mobile users switch screens.

According to surveys, 90% of people switch between devices to accomplish a goal. This means that even if desktop is handling the bulk of your conversions, users will engage with your site via mobile at some point in the sales process. Often, users will browse on their phones while bored, looking for things that interest them, and then move to a desktop to complete the purchase once the’ve found something that catches their eye. If your site can’t handle every type of screen, you are missing out on sales.

Mobile landing pages require different strategies.

Your landing page should be very much appealing, which will get the job done by generating online revenue. But you must know that desktop landing page is NOT the same which works for mobile landing pages.  Certain principles remain constant, but mobile screens can’t handle the same style of presentation of a full desktop screen.  According to experts, mobile landing pages should include the following:

  • 5-word headlines
  • Minimalist design
  • Bright button CTA
  • Lightning fast page-load speed

A Cool Mobile Site Differentiate Your Brand.

It is true that many sites are still remaining un-optimized for mobile. According to a recent survey, only 56% of small business websites are responsive. It means you have a gorgeous opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. So, stop wasting time and optimize your site for mobile immediately to gain an edge.

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