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Learn To Use the Professional Network

With more than 400 million global members, LinkedIn is the best ever platform for any business owner to build communication and relationships with people across the world. LinkedIn is trusted as the best professional sight to most of the users, makes it certainly best place to build their brand.

But the major obstacle to use this opportunity is the unavailability of time or ideas, for which one can hire professionals or agencies. Who not only work for a certain platform but explores many options to build your brand the way you want.

Here are some simple and basic points to be used easily in LinkedIn for free of cost. They can help build your organization’s brand :

  1. Make a Strong Personal Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that pops up when people search your name online. So, you have to create a correct profile to make a good first impression.

Building an effective LinkedIn profile begins with picking the right profile picture, then writing a clear mission statement in your headline, and an engaging summary and a work history – with examples – that prove your expertise.  If you’re confuse you can follow some renown personas  in the platform and notice how have they created their own profile/s.

Big picture – you want a profile that accurately reflects who you are and what you are about. Don’t be generic – write it in a way that gives people a true sense of who you are.

  1. Make Your Company Page Showing Your Brand

Once your own profile is set, it’s time to create a standout Company Page for your business. And you want a strong one for the same reasons you want a strong personal page. LinkedIn is a highly visited, SEO-friendly site, so you want a page that’s going to leave a good impression. You’ll need a strong banner photo and an engaging company description that describes what your company does and your mission.

  1. Post Status Updates 

Once you have both your personal profile and Company Page ready, it’s time to start drawing people and building a following.  And the best way to build a following is to post status updates or to blog on LinkedIn.

Here are some good tips to follow and some good examples to keep in mind when writing your status updates for your Company Page. Three good rules to adhere to when writing status updates are:

  • Be professional. Yes, you should show the lighter side of your company by posting photos of employees having fun or office parties – that makes for great content. But avoid the things you would avoid at work, mainly personal photos and certainly topics like religion or politics.
  • Post about what you know. If you are a real estate agent, post status updates about real estate advice. And the more specific to your target audience the better – if you are a real estate agent in Boise, Idaho, post about the real estate market in Boise, Idaho. That’s something people can’t get elsewhere.
  • Aggregating content is okay. In other words, you don’t have to write an article yourself to share it. Instead, share links of article from other sites that your target audience would be interested in, perhaps adding a line or two of commentary.

Another way to build a following is to start blogging on your own personal page, with some great advice on what to write about from LinkedIn’s own executive editor. There’s a lot of competition writing on LinkedIn, but it does represent a rare opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands – even millions – of people with your words and get them interested in you and your company.

  1. Join Groups

One of the best ways to use LinkedIn to build relationships and gain expertise in your industry is to join relevant LinkedIn Groups. No matter what industry you are in, it’s almost guaranteed that there are a number of active LinkedIn Groups built around it.

Join these groups. Mostly, people in your industry use them to ask advice from others in the same industry. You can learn a lot reading through them, as often the problems relate to you as well. And, you have the opportunity to share your own expertise.

Additionally, these groups are a great way to network with people in your industry, or people in related industries. Bottom line, these groups have all the same benefits as an after-work meet-up group, without you worrying about what to wear.

  1. Use InMails

One of the best ways to reach out to new people is via an InMail. A LinkedIn InMail is guaranteed to reach the person and is a professional way to start a new business relationship, as opposed to simply cold calling someone or getting their email somehow.

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