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Why Security is Important for Your Business

This is the part 1 of our series ‘Web security and its importance in today’s world ‘. In this series we will share the importance of web security for individuals and organizations, and also share how to secure yourself and your organization from various security breaches and cyber criminals.

Why Security is Important for Your Business

Security measures are often overlooked until something goes bad. Every week we read reports of Security breaches or personal details of thousands being leaked. The stolen funds, bad  publicity, and embarrassing revelations are front page news. The recent hack of Gaana.com sets  a good example. Have you even thought about how your business would cope if your website or emails get hacked? As hackers get more and more sophisticated, so too must your internet security. So  If you haven’t already, now is the time to review your security protocols.

Today security has become a big thing and the moment you let your guard down, there will be attackers, criminals out there who will find ways to hack into your website and extract valuable data from your database which they might sell in underground markets.

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Customers are beginning to do more business online, on an average 73% of adults spend  a major part of their day-to-day life online and they have a solid reason for it. After all it makes their life  easier and more fluid. These days most of the users are tech- savvy and most of them already know the risk of visiting a website that doesn’t look safe. And in order to share their data with you, or do business with you, they need assurance that you have all proper security systems in place and  that their data is in safe hands. So if you don’t make your site trust worthy, you will eventually lose many potential customers.

Always Keep your computer operating system, your internet browser and your mobile device software up to date with the latest security patches.Also, be sure to use anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

The question that arises here is how can you protect your business from these issues? The best  protection is to implement plans and procedures. And the best way is to perform a Cyber  Security audit and implement the resulting recommendations.

Security Risk In business

Most attackers, hackers look for easy targets. If your organization has an easy to exploit  security issue, hackers will dive right in. If your organization implements the resulting recommendations, hackers will become frustrated and move on to the next easy mark, thereby saving your organization.

Don’t insert or connect non-reliable media carrier like CDs ,DVDs, USB, Hard disk drives in your computer because these mediums could contain worms and nefarious viruses. They can harm your computer system.

Security Breaches can affect both customers and the organization, including the loss of their identity and control of personal data. As hackers are getting smarter, security is getting complex too. Experts should be hired when designing, implementing and reviewing security plans.

A breach within your company can be a serious risk to your business. Measures need to be taken  to reduce the level of risk and protect your assets.

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